Epoxy Culture is a custom  remodeling system
for your countertops, accent walls, backsplashes & more




We offer a seamless, custom design. No two designs are alike!

 It is perfect for countertops and bar tops. Save yourself the trouble of demolition by resurfacing your existing surfaces.


Our epoxy is five times for durable than concrete and made to last a life time.

Our epoxy is the highest quality, most UV stable chip and scratch resistant epoxy resin on the market.

We can build  custom countertops or refinish outdated ones.


Cover those old counters with a custom design! 

Our surfaces have a temperature resistance of 500°F, zero VOC, 100%

non-toxic (food safe) creating an antibacterial surface.



Epoxy Culture is locally owned and operated by surface artist, Holly Thorington. 

We are a custom epoxy remodeling system for your countertops, floors, accent walls and shower walls. We offer a huge variety of design options for a completely custom design. At Epoxy Culture, we use a high-end epoxy resin to create a custom, lasting design. Some of the benefits include durability, complete customization and an antibacterial surface. Our epoxy manufactures a 100% solids, zero VOC epoxy that is mixed with colors to create a natural, stone like surface or something more creative and colorful. It is also UV resistant, and heat resistant up to 500ºF. Our products offer extreme durability, therefore there is no maintenance and need for re-sealing year after year. We build new or also resurface your existing surfaces. Avoid the costly demolition! With our product, we can easily pour directly over that outdated tile in your bathroom or transform your outdated kitchen.


About The Owner

“As a student of fine arts, I’ve made a life commitment to studying and creating artwork. I’ve had the fortune to experience life abroad, having lived on two different occasions in Germany. The experience from diversity of cultures and landscapes of many places with all their beauty and colors has had a tremendous impact on my outlook and my art. Self-employed since 2010, I spend most of my time in my studio where I design multiple types of visual and physical pieces for clients all over the world. My background in Visual Communications links together different mediums to create modern abstract epoxy surfaces inspired by nature, time and space. My outlook and inspiration emerge from diverse roots; a benefit to an artist with a commitment is to freedom of expression and imagination that creative arts provide.”


–Holly Thorington

From a mediocre start as a worker at Home Depot, to a business owner who installs hardwood flooring, operating as Patriot Installations, William Weaver has over 25 years in home improvement experience. Coming full circle in creative design, William has added another skill to his extensive resume. Epoxy flooring and countertop installation is an art that has been developed with the guidance of Epoxy Culture’s own Holly Thorington. William’s growth has been amazing over the past few months and he is a valued addition to the Epoxy Culture’s team.

–Bill Weaver

Ryan has twelve years experience in carpentry and has worked the past six years as an ironworker.

With an artistic background in drawing, painting and sculpting, Ryan makes a great addition to the team.

"I've done everything from trim carpentry to rough framing. Cabinets, Windows, doors, siding, roofs drywall, mudding taping, textured walls. Faux finishes, painting, murals. Electrical plumbing. Tile. Hardwood floors. Decks. Design & build construction. I rock and ice climb."

—Ryan Lilley




Epoxy Culture

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