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Epoxy Culture is a custom remodeling system
for your countertops, accent walls, backsplashes & more!
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  • Custom

  • Seamless designs

  • It is perfect for countertops and bar tops. Save yourself the trouble of demolition by resurfacing your existing surfaces.


  • Our epoxy is five times more durable than concrete and made to last a life time.

  • Our epoxy is the highest quality, most UV stable chip and scratch resistant epoxy resin on the market.

  • We can build custom countertops or refinish outdated ones.


  • Our surfaces have a temperature resistance of 500°F, zero VOC,

  • 100% non-toxic (food safe) creating an antibacterial surface.

Before & afters
Before & After
Copper Patina
eforeIMG_7154 2
Custom Counter Design
Bathroom Vanity Remodel!!
Tiki Bartop Design
Custom Kitchen Remodel
Epoxy Countertop Design
Custom Colors
Lasting Surfaces
Fun and unique designs!
Bartop Designs
Custom Colors
Custom Epoxy Kitchen Counters
Custom Epoxy Kitchen Counters
Custom Epoxy Kitchen Counters
Custom Epoxy Kitchen Counters
Custom Under-mount Sink
Custom Epoxy Countertop
Custom Edging
Our work


Epoxy Culture, LLC is an industry leader in custom coatings. Founded in 2017, Epoxy Culture LLC has built its success on the combination of outstanding quality and customer service. 

Owned and operated by local artist, Holly Thorington

As a student of fine arts, I’ve made a life commitment to studying and creating artwork. I’ve had the fortune to experience life abroad, having lived on two different occasions in Germany. The experience from diversity of cultures and landscapes of many places with all their beauty and colors has had a tremendous impact on my outlook and my art. Self-employed since 2010, I spend most of my time in my studio where I design multiple types of visual and physical pieces for clients all over the world. My background in Visual Communications links together different mediums to create modern abstract epoxy surfaces inspired by nature, time and space. My outlook and inspiration emerge from diverse roots; a benefit to an artist with a commitment is to freedom of expression and imagination that creative arts provide. –Holly Thorington


Due to high volume of inquiries, call back times can be delayed. The best form of contact for us is filling out this form or sending a direct email to


Fill out this form or call to

set-up your free in-home estimate.


Epoxy Culture

28243 Beck Road Suite B3

Wixom, MI 48393



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We look forward to your inquiry.

All deposits are non-refundable.

Email or call to set up your in-home estimate.  |  248–308–8617 



1. Lead time

The completion or installation date we have quoted is our best estimate of when your project will be completed.

NOT A PROMISE sometimes backorders do occur. We will do our best to complete your order as quickly as possible

pending availability of product.

2. A job site is ready when all necessary appliances including cook top, down draft, stove, sink, dishwasher or any other pertinent items are on site and uninstalled. If Epoxy Culture LLC has to make an additional trip to the job site due to the job site being unprepared to complete some work at the site, additional fees may apply.

3. Viewing and Approving Your Design

Your design should be reviewed and approved before we start fabricating and prepping.

Materials from outside of our shop MUST be approved and placed on hold with the supplier prior our visit for your design. Epoxy Culture LLC will designs are custom. Each design is abstract and cannot be pre-fabricated or duplicated.

4. Pricing

We have priced your order based on measurements that you have provided. If field measurements are different, we will adjust accordingly. BILLING AND PAYMENT. The Deposit amount is due upon the Client’s acceptance of the quote. The balance of the project shall be paid by Client upon completion or acceptance of the Project, whichever is earlier. All amounts set forth in this agreement and to be paid to Contractor shall be in U.S. currency. If at any time, Client cancels a scheduled application appointment for the project within 48 hours before the start time, a Cancelation Fee of 10% of the total balance will be added to the final balance due upon completion of the project.


5 Appliances

All appliances (including dishwasher, stove (cook top), floor to ceiling cabinets and refrigerator), MUST be in removed or out of the direct way at the time of design. We are not responsible for the moving of appliances, furniture or personal items stored in the cabinets. If it's necessary for our templators / installers to move appliances, furniture or personal items stored in cabinets we will NOT be responsible for damages.

6. Removal of drawers, mirrors, etc. 

Please remove as many top cabinet drawers as possible.

If we are installing over your existing top in an existing kitchen, there may be unfinished areas of your wall or cabinets that will be 

exposed and/or covered by your new top. We DO NOT finish these areas.

If there is a mirror (bath area) which has to be removed, the owner has to remove that mirror. If the owners want us to 

remove it we are not responsible for the mirror if it breaks and we do not install it back. This is the customer responsibility.

7. Plumbing and Wiring

These are not included in any installation. We are not plumbers or electricians. We can not disconnect your sink when removing old tops and we are NOT responsible for any leaks or damages. We will NOT disconnect sink or cook tops. Under-mount applications

will be cutout, polished and drilled to, accept mounting brackets. Cutouts for drop in sinks and cook tops will be 

completed at the job site and dusting is to be expected.

8. Incidental damage

Final wall preparation (painting, wallpaper, etc) should NOT be completed at an installation if it is possible. Care will be exercised during the countertop installation, however scrapes, punctures or digs are possible which are incidental damages and are customer's responsibility to repair. New paint tears easily and should be applied or touched-up after countertop installation.


9. Installation Approval 

After the product has been installed the customer or (designated decision-maker over the age of 18) MUST be present to inspect the countertops.


10. Clean-up

Installation of countertop is a construction process and residual dust should be expected. The customer may want to cover areas 

to contain the dust to the construction area.

11. Warranty

We Epoxy Culture LLC, provide a two year warranty on our fabrication and installation of your countertop or surface. We do not cover damages caused by customer (such as dropping something on the counter, scratching counter, hitting countertop and etc.).

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